Raffaella Freyre was born in Mexico City. At the age of 11 she started taking drawing classes under the instruction of Demetrio Llórden (1931) a Spanish painter, until his death in 2000. Where her love for art flourished and knew she wanted to continue in this path.

In 2006 attended a summer workshop at Profesiones Artísticas in Madrid, Spain.

In 2010 she travels to Florence, Italy and begins her training as a realist painter in the drawing program in The Florence Academy of Art.

In April 2014 in Chianti Italy, receives intensive instruction in landscape by Italian painter Daniela Astone and American painter Ben Fensky.

In June 2014 Raffaella completes 4 years of training in the realist method and graduates from the painting program from The Florence Academy of Art, Italy.

In September 2014 she starts working for artist Nick Devereaux in Paris, France.

July 2015 Raffaella takes a month intensive sculpture workshop in Florence Italy.

August 2015 returns to Mexico City where she now lives and works

Her works have been shown in  Mexico, Italy, England and Japan.